KoloringBox: Creative Adult Coloring Subscription box made in the Island

One of the best stories I have heard this year about taking a business model and running with it.

KoloringBox – a subscription service that brings a box full of Adult Coloring art and materials to sample every month.  The creators are Sandy and Abraham, an Indorican couple (she’s Indian and he’s from Carolina, PR). Sandy started coloring a long time ago, Abe subsequently followed her, first because she asked to, and later because he fell in love with it himself.

As they embarked on this journey together, they realized that the cost of the high end materials were very expensive and sometimes they would buy a big set and not like it. They tried to find ways to test these materials and found that sharing them with friends made it way easier to enjoy and sample. KoloringBox started as a way to split the cost among friends, and soon the KoloringBox evolved and is now being expanded to other passionate coloring enthusiasts online. Coloring has brought them joy and peace during times of distress and they want to share this activity with many others and build community. KoloringBox is the culmination of months of efforts to bring this to the community.
What can you expect every month: each uniquely themed box will contain several pieces of art by featured artists. It also includes up to 3 art materials so you can sample those expensive pencils and pens before investing in the commercial sets.
Our first edition is our Seattle themed box. It was an amazing experience to see how people from different parts of the world (including Romania, Argentina and India) interpreted the same design muse.

Our March KoloringBox is now available for ordering. There are two options, you can buy one box (http://bit.ly/usbuy1kb) or buy the first three editions (http://bit.ly/usbuy3kb).