Towns of Puerto Rico Coloring Book – A Project born from our love of coloring and books about Puerto Rico

Hi Everyone it’s been awhile since we had a new post.  We launched our product Towns of Puerto Rico Coloring Book and it became an adventure between doing interviews and promotions and we got a bit delayed in terms of the blog and doing new books reviews. With that said I’m proud to say that we have two posts scheduled for this week so we can get start rolling again J. We are going to try and stick with the one book review every two weeks and any additional post about other puertorican products in between. If you have any products that you wish for us to feature, please leave a comment with your contact info or contact us via our Facebook page.

I wanted to take a moment today and explain how did our book came to be and what is coming up in terms of new books from Puerto Rico Presenta. Towns of Puerto Rico Coloring Book came up from the realization that we can do self-publishing to fill the gaps of different genres that we see right now. In my case I have been enjoying this new push of coloring books for relaxation on adults and wanted one that was related to the island. After taking a look around the markets I was not able to find one. I talked with my partners and we decided to go ahead and recruit puertorican artist to work on the towns of the island. The idea was to get one page for each town but once we started making the book we realized that was a bit out of budget. We invested close to $3500 in the creation of the art and the editing for the book. So far we have seen a decent number of sales but we need to work hard to get into brick and mortar stores to increase the number of sales we have.

Once the amount sold from this book covers the cost our plan is to take the coloring book and turn into a coloring book app and place that for sale here. Ideally after getting some sales on that we can come back and order the rest of the art for the book and submit a version two of the book.


The book  is available in amazon and createspace and starting Friday on our facebook Page(Announcement will show at 9:00 pm EST) we will be running a contest with the chance of painting some line art and getting a free copy of the book.  I want to say thanks for the support and the reviews and all the nice comments that we have received from the project.