Puerto Rico se levanta: Resilience in times of disaster

I had the opportunity to read the paper Puerto Rico se levanta: Resilience in times of disaster By Dr. Von Marie Rodríguez-Guzmán and realized this was a type of media that we should cover here in PR Presenta. We are planning to cover either a journal entry or a paper going forward per month.


Like always I will summarize the article and provide an opinion of what I read. Is important to note that I’m not a subject matter expert on this topic.


One of the most interesting part of this article from Dr.  Rodríguez-Guzmán is that you can see her familiarity with the experience of the hurricane. While she was not present in the island for Maria is fair to assume that during her time growing up in PR. She experienced others like Hortense and George.


The breakdown of what resilience is in terms of psychology and how it applies to the people of PR and the examples of how it shows on everyone in the culture from the normal day to day person to our music and tv stars. Made getting into the subject very tractable and the samples where detailed. She took a sociological approach to how resilience shows in day to day and talked of traits like the flexibility that shows in the average puertorican.


On the Second page of the article she walks thru what music means in this context. While reading it I was thinking about how I use music myself in times of sorrow and when things are tough. I my case is puertorican Christmas music which is the one that makes me feel the most connected with my origins.


She finished the article with a call for help with the hurricane situation and explaining how we could contribute to help Puerto Rico with their resilience. This article is a quick read and highly recommend it. You can find it on the following link (note is a paid journal).


Puerto Rico se levanta: Resilience in times of disaster.
The Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter Vol 33, No.12