Puerto Rico Presenta 2018 #1

We started Puerto Rico Presenta on 2015 with a simple Vision “There are a lot of media products created in Puerto Rico that people outside never hear about”. In order to fix this issue, we decided to start with books and try to either create or promote books that other have written. We had a two-prong approach to this, Book reviews and book creation (generated our coloring book).

Right now, is pretty easy to see that we did not execute correctly on 2017 while we knew where we wanted to get we were unable to do much progress (only 1 post in the year, 0 of our books moved into selling in physical presence). We had some collaborations with schools during the year and we helped by giving donations for hurricane recovery.

To Fix this we’ve created a plan that we are going to execute on. These are our goals for the year:

  • Create a second book from Puerto Rico Presenta. We like the way we did our coloring book has a collaboration of artists that got payed for their time we are going to see if we can do it for other mediums.
  • Ensure that we have at least 40 posts over the year on the website.
  • No longer be just about books. Our definition of media is the following Any art or technical form that contains a narrative or a transfer of ideas.
  • Create one secondary project out of the content of our books.
  • Get our coloring book in at least one physical store in Puerto Rico(We are really hoping for Libros A/C)
  • Stretch Goal – Get someone working part time for us.


With that in mind there are two important decisions that we have taken:

  • Monthly Post Format
    • One book review – This was our bread and butter before but we are going to be doing less but be more consistent about it.
    • One interview to a creator with a recent project – We had done some of these before we want to get consistency on it. We will also interview people who own storefronts where you can buy the books we talk about.
    • A review of technical science paper – Nobody seems to write too much about them and there is an incredible amount of Puerto Rican work happening here.
    • One Post about the company. ->This is the first one. You will see things like this once a month. We believe bringing transparency is extremely important to out operations and we want to make it a core task every month.
    • Optional Posts reinforcing our book review for the month. For example, if the book had a ton of sources we might explore some of those and give links to be able to buy them.
  • Bi Yearly Execution Plan
    • We are keeping a document that we are going to plan in December and July about the execution for the rest of the year. Due to our transparency value I will post here the plan for the past month so our customers can see how we did internally.
    • Additionally, we are only going to create content 10 months a year and have two months (July and December) that will be planning months.

On our post next month, we are going to go in depth to the bigger projects for the month. We would also like a call for help that if people could reply to this with the name of brick and mortar bookstores that would help us in the coming months.


Alfredo Alvarez

Owner PuertoRicoPresenta



Puerto Rico Presenta Action Plan for January

Task Due Date Done Initials
Review: Los Chinos en Puerto Rico 1/14/2018 X AEA
Resumen: Paper 1/21/2018 X AEA
Entrevista 1/28/2018 X AEA
Terminar Statement of work y planning de la aplicacion 1/28/2018
Anuncio: Planes Futuros Puerto Rico Presenta este schedule 2/4/2018 X AEA