La Vitrina Rota: A map to our most recent history

This book came out last year and it was a pretty big sensation. It was written by the multitalented Silverio Perez. In it he explains how we ended where we are right now in economic, cultural and political terms.

Almost every other review has focused on whether he showed his biases while writing this story and, on the fact, that he did not write necessarily like a historian but weaving a story with his own experiences. My opinion on both of those subjects I’m going to keep short because its not the part of the book that I found the most interesting.

From what I could read the writing is indeed tinted with his political view that its towards independence and you can notice it right from the beginning on the way Luis Muñoz Marin is talked about. On the subject of the book not being “history” I feel this was the right way to tell this story because we need people to react to it at this point in time due to the condition of the island. Therefore, I feel like this book has intention. He provided us the emotion and the facts.

On that second part the facts are where I want to focus most of this writing. What I found surprising and refreshing was the amount of citations that the book did. This story gets told but it lets you know where all the pieces where picked up from. Its done in a serious manner and they name of the books an author give when utilized. Which makes it feel more academic than it really is. The truth is that after going thru the book a first time. I’ve decided to go thru it a second time find all the references read them thru out the year and hopefully make some additional posts on it.

What I’m trying to say it’s the following this is a great book. It has an opinion an its highly educational about contemporary Puerto rican history. More importantly its also a Map. A map for the normal puertorican man to catch up with the recent events and be able to inform itself and stop making decisions on a vacuum.

He dedicates the book to his grandsons and I believe that is a tool that can be used to figure out what are the key books that need to be read in order to understand the current state of the Island.

I end this Just saying thanks Silverio for a great addition to Puerto Rican literature.

You can find the book on the following link.